On Location-based art: A look into my bathroom

I love works of art that derive their meaning from their space. Whether that is in a museum, a coffee shop or the streets. Location-based art is special because it's often very purposely designed for the exact place it is located in. And that is the case for my Guest bathroom series.

It's important for me to add that I’ve always been a fan of adding a little fun in my works. Usually it's very subtle, but in this case, I really wanted my guests to be surprised with the unexpected (In a good way!) when they visited my house and to to leave with a fun anecdote.

There are three works in my house guest bathroom. All strategically located to be seen during specific activities.

                                                 “Concé  ntrate” 12x16

                                                 “Concéntrate” 12x16

The first one is called “Concéntrate” (Concentrate) and its placed right in front of the eye-level while sitting down in the toilet. It causes a great reaction, because the first thing you see when you sit is a small 12x16 inch acrylic painting that stares at you over a white wall, reminding you to stay focused.

                                           “  ¿Qué me ves” 23.5 x 31.5

                                           “¿Qué me ves” 23.5 x 31.5

When men are standing up ready to do their business, the second painting is presented upon them: a large canvas with an enigmatically big brother-ish hypnotic eye and a legend that reads “¿Qué me ves?” (What are you looking at?) as you are faced with one of two options: face away, or stare deeply into the painting as you pee.

                                              “Bien lavaditas” 12x12

                                              “Bien lavaditas” 12x12

Lastly, a fun (but very important) reminder is shown in “Bien lavaditas” (Neatly washed!). Which is a traditional caring expression a lot of moms a grandmas in Mexico use to remind their younglings to clean up after going to the restroom.

Since hanging this small and quirky series in my home, I’ve enjoyed the reactions it’s received from my guests and I strongly encourage other painters to try doing something playful at an unpredictable space. The reactions are pretty fun!

Thank you for reading me! I'm always available for commission work, exhibits or potential networking opportunities. You can reach me at my contact page here.