Life gave me a second chance to fill me up with color

I’m Alejandro Soria, a visual artist born in Mexico, where I studied graphic design, and afterwards, a master’s degree at the Savannah College of art and Design. 

In 2001, a successful brain surgery gave me a second shot at revaluating my life’s decisions. I decided to start over and chose to make a living out of something I’d always wanted to do but never had the time to: Painting.

Nowadays I’m an explorer of color and faithful follower of the composition, I’m an artist committed to art and proud of my Mexican heritage.


He’s a wizard who possesses the light to show it to the world

Alejandro is a weaver of dreams, an old alchemist from worlds not revealed that transforms the shapes of light. With a subtle stroke he sketches them and imprints them to share them with those who can see much deeper than the surface of things.

Always exploring, he discovers new ways and conveys a different way to see. He finds means that give life to his characters and with great daring he ventures into universes discovered by intuition, to surprise us with his artistic concepts.

What he shares with us is the sum of his life experiences, the baggage of an eternal traveler, of gazing with the eyes of a child and speaking with the voice of a poet,  of a being sensitive to beauty.

Fernando López Moreno